Why Join Us

 These are the Reasons

Next Big Thing

A chance to be a part of the next big thing in the online trading industry.

Do what you Love

A chance to groom yourself and do what you love to do in the best way possible.

History in the Making

A chance to be a part of the history in the making.

Learn & Grow

At Tradedeal, we believe that for our firm to grow, we’ll need to provide the employees a room to grow and learn.

A Vision

A chance to be a part of a vision, A vision to make India “An Investing Nation

Make a Difference

A chance to be a part of a team that’s here to make a difference, here to be the best.

Learn from The Masters

A chance to learn the tricks of the trading market from the experts in the business.


A chance to get a job where you’re allowed to experiment, mix and match or change the way you work. “At the end of the day, it’s the success that matters, not the method.

Be a Part

A chance to be a part of the crew that is young, ambitious, passionate and hungry for success; just like you.

We Appreciate

We appreciate talent and hard work; so if you are someone who is skilled and hard-working then we promised to reward you for your performances and hard work you put in. “If we succeed, we’ll make sure you do as well.”

Work/Life Balance

We understand that our employees have lives outside the workplace. We’ll help you maintain work/life balance.

We Listen!

We welcome valuable suggestions from our workforce and improvise it in our functioning.

Developing Leaders

We believe in developing leaders for tomorrow.

Understanding The Potential

At Tradedeal, all our business decisions and strategies revolve around our workforce and their abilities.

World of Opportunities

We strive on offering a world of opportunities to our workforce; opportunities to learn, change and grow.

Ethical Work Culture

We believe “success comes with discipline and hard work” and hence we have set a work culture based on ethics & Good behavior promoting working with fun while taking care that everyone is respected, adored and well-appreciated.

Communication is The Key

We’ll make sure your demands and wishes are heard.

"If you Love to Work & Love Numbers, We’ll make sure your Bank Displays good Numbers."

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