Margin / Leverage

What are the Margin/Leverage policies?

    Normal F&O Trades (NRML: Normal)

    Exchange stipulated margins, positions taken as NRML can be held until expiry.
  2. Equity delivery based trading (CNC: Cash n Carry)
    For equity delivery based trading (CNC), 100% money will be Required Upfront. The Client will need to use the product type CNC in their delivery based product.
  3. MIS: Margin Intraday squareoff
    If the client wants Leverage or additional margin, he/she can opt to trade using MIS. All the MIS positions will be squared off automatically at 3:15 PM. This product is suitable for intraday Clients.

    • For equity & Index futures, MIS margin: 40% of NRML margin, Kindly note that all MIS positions squared off at 03:15 PM.
    • For Commodity futures, MIS margin: 50% of NRML margin, all MIS positions squared off 30 mintures minutes before the market is closed.
    • For Currency futures, MIS margin: 50% of NRML margin, all MIS positions squared off at 04:30 PM.
    • Up to 5 times Intraday Leverage for index equity.
    • Up to 2 times for Option Shorting.
    • Up to 2 times for Futures.
    • There are No Leverage for Options Buying.
  4. CO (Cover Order) Product
    CO product are meant for the intraday traders who wants high leverage than of MIS product.
    Basically its a two leg order product means trader who have buy has to put sell stoploss simultaneously and vice versa. This product is highly suitable for the intraday trader who trade with discipline i.e with stoploss. Since its intraday product, it will be square up at 3:15 PM.