Account Opening

What Documents are required to Open an Account & how long does it take to Open It?

Documents required to Open an Account are as Follows:

  1. PAN card (Permanent Account Number).
  2. Address Proof (Aadhar Card, Election card, Driver’s License & Passport ).
  3. Bank Statement ( last 6 Months).
  4. Passport Photos.
  5. Two Cheque (One cancelled cheque with client’s signature and one with the amount for opening the account.)
  6. First page of Passbook (In case, cheques don’t have client’s name printed on it.)

Note: All the above documents should be Xeroxed on an A4 size paper.
If all the documents and signatures are provided on time and as per the requirements, it generally takes around 1 day to open a trading account and 2 days to open a Demat account.