Margin / Leverage

When Squareup Position ?

  1. MIS : If the client wants Leverage or additional margin, he/she can opt to trade using MIS. All the MIS positions will be squared off automatically at 3:15 PM. This product is suitable for intraday Clients.
  2. NRML (NORMAL ) : In NRML margin would already be blocked when you take position. After Margin block if your free cash become zero due to MTM Loss, you will have to fund the account to cover any potential MTM loss. Failing to do so result in your position being squared off.


    In Normal product any short fall in margin or MtoM, client has to remit the fund before 2 pm on next day otherwise position will be square up from RMS side without any intimation. It must also keep in mind that if your mtom reach 80% then position will be square up without any intimation.