Discount Brokerage

Its all about the Magical figure of Rs. 18. No matter if you trade of Rs. 5000 or Rs. 50000000, All you need to pay is Rs. 18 or 0.01 % (whichever is lower for intraday) and Rs. 18 or 0.1 % (whichever is lower for delivery).

Save upto 98% of your brokerage; you can invest the savings to earn more or use it to gift something valuable to your family.

Online Trading

We offer Online Platforms that are “Web-based”, “Windows-based”, “Smartphone-based” that facilitate Convenience and Control at the tip of your hand.

A transparent and efficient Eco-system that lets you trade without any persuasions or forced trades.

A Comprehensive Platform that provides everything (research tools, calculators, help-desk support, front / back office softwares and many other things) a trader needs to trade efficiently and effectively.

Call & Trade

For the people who likes the feel of conventional trading, we have something for you as well.

Call Us During market hours From Monday to Friday & Place your Trade orders and our  help-desk representative will be happy to assist you with the trade.

  • Contact : +91 278 2573500
    Timings : Mon - Fri during market hours

Associate Partner

We believe that our clients paves the pillars of our success. So, as a gesture of expressing our gratitude; we have planned this Associate Parter programme where in our clients will earn a share of what we earn.

The programme works in the following Manner :
  • You Register as an Associate Partner with Us.
  • You Make Family Members/Relative/Friend/Colleague/Acquaintance/Others Join our Broking House.
  • Out of the Brokerage Earned from those people, you receive 40%-65% of it as a souvenir from Us. Simple! Isn’t it?

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