Our executive panel

Our executive panel members have been in the field of trading for more than 10 years now, the experience in the past decade have given them enough knowledge to be tagged them as “EXPERTS”. They entered the trading market with a full service venture under the name “Ashtavinayak Stock Broking Pvt. Ltd.” The visionaries felt the need to keep up with time; with a motive to provide “Control, Convenience & Cost Savings”, we decided to re-launch our brand making it more appealing to the youth of India and this led to the inception of “TRADEDEAL”. Our mission is to make trading accessible to every citizen of our country irrespective of his/her geographical location, qualification, age or gender. We continuously strive on making use of technology to reach our potential investors, make efforts to educate them so they can use the knowledge to be wealthy.


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Mr. Nimesh Vora

Associated with the field of trading for over a period of 15 years now. This vast experience has made him proficient at handing HNI (High Networth Investors). He is a visionary with a Vision of providing financial education in all the nook and corners of India and encouraging the people to invest and pave way to a healthy life.

Mr. Alpesh Vora

Fondly know as "Nanubhai" in our capital market. His relies upon (lays his last penny on) the interpretation skills to follow what he believes a religious profession. Technical interpretation with support and resistance theory is a speciality of Nanubhai, equally has upper hand in analytical abilities,market awareness & perennial personalized customer services. If someone asked him about his experience in this field, he just tells them to be self discipline and keep a check on their emotions- as day trading doesn't have any certainty (guarantee of success) one can just take precautions. Read More..

Mr. Kamlesh Joshi

Mr. Joshi has a forte in developing software since 1989's later during 1997's he widen his flair to hardware sector. He manages our complex servers which are our backbones. He is our IT expert. This doesn't mean that he is a new bee to this trading world, his affiliation with trading has been for nearly a decade. This dreamer, is so passionate about technology and believes that best way to financially educate our fellow Indians is by using web. Read More..

Mr. Harshad mehta

Mr. Mehta is an expert and a pro at market analysis and forecasting. We tend to call him legend in the field of trading as his experience with this area has been for almost three decades now. He's been a player since the time when trading was done with physical certificates. With the insights, he has shown us ways to success and growth over time.