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Tradedeal is one of the firms offering the highest leverage trading opportunity to the traders in the discount broking industry. The intraday equity segment leverage (MIS) ranges from 4x to 8x depending to the credibility of the stocks. The Intraday leverage is available for over 250 stocks.  Magnified returns can be achieved by employing successful trading strategies. It should be noted that leveraging the trade can magnify the profits but it can also magnify the losses. Proper research and analysis should be done in order to be safe and only the risk capital should be used while leveraging in intraday or position.

Our Products

  • Cash and Carry (CNC) – it is the basic form of delivery trade where a person can buy shares of the amount that he has in his ledger account i.e. 100% margin required. For example, If he has Rs. 50,000 he can buy stock of Rs. 50,000. This product is ideal for the investor who trades in delivery-based trading .
  • Margin Intraday Square Off (MIS) – it is the advanced form of trade where the trader can benefit from additional leverage between 9:15 AM and 3:15 PM. It is focused on traders that trade in the intraday segment and is ideal for the traders who wants to get benefit of the additional leverage provided by the firm. All open MIS positions will get squared off automatically at 3:15 PM. If a trader has Rs. 20000 and invests in a stock that has 5x multiplier, it means for Rs. 20000 of Margin available, he/she can take positions of Rs. 100000.

Note :

If the position is squared off from the RMS end, Call & trade charges of Rs. 18 will be applied.

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