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We are an online Discount Broking Company, set up with a vision to change the online broking industry with innovative products that can make trading transparent, efficient and easy. Our company is tailor-made to encourage innovation and novelty.


Cash and Carry (CNC)

Cash and carry product is highly suitable for investors who invest in equity on delivery basis. CNC product belongs to cash segment. Since its delivery product its required 100% margin upfront.

Margin Intraday Square Off (MIS)

MIS product refers to Margin Intraday Square off. MIS product is highly suitable for intraday traders who wants additional leverage. Traders who wants to trade in cash segment as well as in derivative segment can used this product. Since MIS product is meant for intraday only clients have to square off his/her position before 3.15 p.m otherwise it will be square off by RMS team at 3.15 p.m.

Bracket orders

BO means Bracket Order. BO product is designed to help limit your loss and lock in a profit by ''Breaking'' an order with two opposite side orders. A buy order is bracketed by a high side sell limit order and low side sell stoploss order limit and vice versa. BO product is highly useful for intraday trader who trade with high discipline. Since its intraday product, client have to square off their position by 3.15 p.m otherwise RMS team will square off the same at 3.15 p.m

Cover orders

CO product means cover order. CO product is meant for the intraday trader who wants high leverage than of MIS product. Basically its a two leg order product means trader who have buy has to put sell stoploss order simultaneously and vice versa. This product is highly useful for the intraday trader who trade with discipline i.e with stoploss. Since its intraday product,it will be square off at 3.15 p.m.


NRML refer to Normal product. It belongs to derivative segment. This product is highly suitable for derivative traders who trades positional. Its required margin as per SEBI and Exchange rules. Positions taken under NRML product can be held till expiry.


Call & Trade

If you are not comfortable to use internet or its not available then give us a call and trading will be done as asked. Call and trading charges will be applied Rs.18. And no need to be uncomfortable in giving us a call as we believe in touching our roots.