Terms & Conditions

TFSPL provides investment advice however TFSPL, any of its directors, employees, representatives will not be responsible from any investment/ trading decision taken by you.

All transactions is as per the rules, regulations and bye laws of exchange, clearing house or SEBI and abide by any changes applicable from time to time.

Client has to provide all necessary information/proofs to open the accounts and client is abide to provide required information to maintain the same from time to time.

Client is charged Brokerage, statutory charges and other charges applicable for the transactions.

Client has to mention the preference for Exchange and Segment Details to carry out the transactions.

Client executes the trade as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the Risk Management & Surveillance Policy.

Client can deposit the amount through Internet Banking or Cheque or Demand Draft (as per the Pre funded instrument Policy only) and credit will be accepted only from his/her/its respective Bank Account only.

TFSPL may take appropriate action against non-compliance or Prevention of Money Laundering.