Withdrawing funds from your account (payout)

To Withdraw Funds From Your Account, Place An Electronic Request Through Trade Wallet Or Call Us At Our Helpdesk (0278 – 2573100) To Transfer Money To Your Primary Bank Account.

Within 24 hours amount will be credited to your Primary Bank account.

Timing for Payout/Withdrawal Request.

For Equities, F&O and Currencies

On or before 8.00 PM ( Everyday Except Sat,Sun )

For Commodities

On or before 8.30 AM ( Everyday Except Sat,Sun )

Withdrawal Request Placed after the above Stipulated Times will be Processed on the Next Working Day.


If the withdrawal request is Made at 07:50 PM on Monday (Equity & Currency) or at 8:25 AM (Commodity), the Funds will be Deposited on Tuesday but
in case the request is made at 8:05 PM (Equity & Commodity) or at 08:35 AM on Monday, the Funds will be Deposited on Wednesday, provided Tuesday and
Wednesday are Working Days.

* It is important to Note that, at Times there is a Delay in Receiving Trade files from the Exchange and in that case, there might be a delay in the Processing of
Withdrawal request.